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1.   Backpack Ripstop
Haul your books & belongings to school, gym, college or anywhere in this quality, durable backpack. It is user-friendly to visually impaired people because it can be opened like a suitcase! Everything can be put in an organized fashion. Read more...
Item No. 1710-AG
2.   Batteries - Alkaline
Buy your batteries here! These batteries bring long life to the devices you depend upon and enjoy!
Item No. Batteries
3.   Beeper Sound Trackerę
NEW! The Beeper Sound Trackerę makes an intermittent or constant beeping sound so persons can follow the sound to whatever it is set by. It's a great way to include blind children in social activities. Sighted children have fun with it, too! Can be attached to remote control toys so they can hear where they are maneuvering it. Read more...
Item No. 1998
4.   Blanket, Chill Fleece
Perfect for snuggle time or keeping warm during sporting events.
Item No. 5060_5158-AG
5.   Bop It Extreme
This very popular game tests your memory, auditory and fine motor skills. Even blind people love this game because it has different unique sounds for each function. Read more...
Item No. Bop It Ext
6.   Braille Chocolate Molds
Say your message in a scrumptious way...give your favorite people their own chocolate greeting card! Read more...
Item No. BR-CHOC
7.   Braille Labeler
Anyone who knows nothing about Braille can use this labeler...easily. Read more...
Item No. LABLR
8.   Braille Labeler Tape
1/2" clear labeling tape for the Braille Labeler.
Item No. BR-TAPE
9.   Braille Refrigerator Magnets
Send your friends or loved ones a special Braille message with these attractive refrigerator magnets. Read more...
10.   Braille Wristbands
These Braille wristbands are the fashionable thing to wear these days! Boys and girls, young adults and even grown-ups love to wear them. And they come with various messages & sizes. Read more...
Item No. BR-WB
11.   Curly Shoe Laces
Turn any tie shoe into convenient slip-ons! Read more....
Item No. Curly Laces
12.   Dice - Tactual
Tactual dice so the blind and sighted can play fun dice games. Free dice game instruction sheet!
Item No. DICE
13.   Inflatable Ball Pump
Inflatable Ball Pump
Item No. PUMP
14.   Lunch Bag/Insulated Cooler Bag
Insulated lunch bag with wrap-around zipper top opening.
Item No. 115 - AG
15.   Mini Beeper
This mini beeper has many creative uses from involving the blind in games to an alert mechanism for individuals in need of help. Read more....
Item No. Beeper - Mini
16.   Mitten Gloves - Fleece for Children
Try these warm Fleece Mitten-Gloves. Works well for those with canes. Makes a great gift and stocking stuffer!
Item No. Mitten Gloves - Children
17.   Mitten Gloves - Adult
Featured at the recent National Federation of the Blind Conference! Keep your hands warm in these quality micro-fleece mitten-gloves for adults. They let your finger tips be free to grip items such as tools, canes, animal leashes, door handles, etc. Or cover them up for warmth with the mitten flap. Read more...
Item No. Mitten Gloves - Adult
18.   Mr. Potato Head
This electronic hand-held game is great for traveling!
19.   Music Box
These beautiful looking and beautiful sounding music boxes make great gift or stocking stuffers for children and adults! Turn the hand crank to see & hear how a music box works! Perfect for the music lover. We have many songs to choose from!
Item No. Music Box
20.   Music Box Heart
Show your love to your special loved one with this absolutely beautiful Heart Shaped Music Box. It plays the classic love song "Love Story". Read more....
Item No. MB-Heart
21.   Music Recorder
This musical recorder can be your child's first musical instrument. Read more...
Item No. Music Recorder
22.   Playing Cards with Braille
These plastic playing cards with Braille are the most durable around. And they have large print & Braille so everyone can join in the fun! Read more...
23.   SPLASH
A fast-paced card game with Dolphins to gather to be the winner. You can easily and quickly Braille this game so people who are blind can play, too! Read more...
Item No. Splash - Used
24.   Shape Sorter/Puzzle
Quality wood shape sorters are great educational fun and are ideal for fine motor skills as well as for conceptual spatial skills. Read more...
25.   Simon Trickster
The newest and trickiest of the Simon games. It has 4 challenging games which are played by following the sequence of colors and/or sounds. People who are blind are able to play this game because of the unique sounds as proven by our blind son. Read more...
Item No. Simon Trickster
26.   Sizzle Magnets - 2 Pack
These sizzle magnets make exciting vibrating, whirring, clashing and buzzing sounds when they connect. Our blind son loves tossing these in the air and hearing the dynamic sounds. There are no rules to follow...just simple fun for children and adults! Comes in a variety of shapes!
Item No. Sizzle Mag - 2 Pack
27.   Tactual Paint
Use this dimensional paint to put tactual marks on games, apparel or on most items so blind people can feel the marks or outline. It is very durable and washable. Read more...
28.   Tote, Jumbo
Carry it all on outings or to the beach in this 12-ounce cotton canvas jumbo tote. Braille books fit in these!
Item No. 600 - AG
29.   Upwords - Pre-owned
A game of spelling, stacking up and scoring high! Can be Brailled for the blind. Read more...
Item No. Upwords
30.   Video - Jimmy Neutron in Time Warp
Jimmy Neutron fans will love this exciting video with 5 blasts of brilliance. Read more...
Item No. VHS-JN
31.   Wood Card Tray for Travel
Quality wood card tray makes game playing more enjoyable and organized! Read more...
Item No. CDTRY
32.   Abalone Shell Pendant Necklace
Beautiful natural abalone shell pendant necklace!
Item No. Abalone
33.   Football with Bells
Football with Bells Inside.
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Braille Refrigerator Magnets
Only $2.99
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Makes a great gift!
Mr. Potato Head
Only $22.99
On SALE for only $19.99
One Left!
Mitten Gloves - Fleece for Children
Only $14.49
On SALE for only $4.99
On Sale!
Music Box
Only $16.99
On SALE for only $4.99
Beautiful Sound!
Simon Trickster
Only $0.00
On SALE for only $0.00
Pricing - See Below
Sizzle Magnets - 2 Pack
Only $8.99
On SALE for only $1.99
Feel and Hear the Power of These Magnets!
Bop It Extreme
Only $0.00
On SALE for only $0.00
Limited Stock!
Shape Sorter/Puzzle
Only $16.99
On SALE for only $4.99
Great for Fine Motor Skills!
Dice - Tactual
Only $4.95
On SALE for only $3.00
Great Family Fun!
Upwords - Pre-owned
Only $29.99
On SALE for only $4.99
You Can Easily Braille This Game!
Braille Labeler
Only $32.99
On SALE for only $18.99
Lowest Price Ever Offered!
Music Box Heart
Only $16.99
Truly Unique!
Tactual Paint
Only $5.95
On SALE for only $4.75
Make lines & designs tactual with this dimensional paint!
Curly Shoe Laces
Only $4.99
On SALE for only $3.50
No More Loose Shoe Laces!
Mini Beeper
Only $0.00
On SALE for only $0.00
Small, but very audible!
Beeper Sound Trackerę
Only $35.99
Provides a sound source so VI children can participate in most activities!
Backpack Ripstop
Only $36.99
On SALE for only $14.99
Easy Accessibility for Visually Impaired People!

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