Provides a sound source so VI children can participate in most activities!

Exclusively Offered at Braille Gifts!

NEW! The exclusive Beeper Sound Trackerę was designed by and is only offered by BrailleGifts.comę. Two styles are offered...constant beep and intermittent beep. They both emit a beeping sound so persons can follow the sound to whatever the Beeper Sound Trackerę is set by. It puts out the most audible sound of any beeper mechanism that we know of. If the sound is too loud for indoors, it can easily be muffled by placing a piece of tape over the sound hole.

The Beeper Sound Trackerę is approximately 2" x 4.5" and comes with a 9 volt replaceable battery. Batteries can easily be replaced by removing the screws on the back. It has an easy push on/off button or a toggle button on the side. The plastic case conceals all wiring, battery and speaker so debris stays out and nothing is exposed to fragile hands. Plus the easy push on/off button or toggle switch is easy for little hands to turn on/off. The Beeper Sound Trackerę is audible 50-200 feet depending upon environmental conditions.

Our blind son has used his Beeper Sound Trackerę for tee-ball by strapping it to the far side of the tee just below the baseball. He then can determine where the ball is in relation to the sound...he knows the sound is just below the ball and aims accordingly. We have also used the Beeper Sound Trackerę for Easter egg hunts, lawn games (i.e., ring toss, etc.), shooting hoop, mini-golf, etc. Even sighted children enjoy trying to find the Beeper Sound Trackerę. Sometimes they play the game while being blind folded like their blind friends. It can also be attached to a remote control toy so they can hear where they are maneuvering it.

The uses for the Beeper Sound Trackerę are only limited by your imagination.

Approximate Audio Range: This unit can usually be heard well at 100 yards. It can still be heard at 200 yards if listening closely. Environmental sounds may impact the audio range (such as wind, car noises, voices, etc.).

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