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Authentic, industry-standard basketball, football and volleyball with sound inside. Perfect for practice or the real game. The ball is the exact size and weight of a pro ball. The only difference with our ball is it has a bell or rattle sound, so everyone will know where the ball is when it is moving. Whether it's in the air, has just landed, or is rolling across the grass, it will make a sound as long as it is moving that is easy for blind players to hear and follow.

So if you want to play the official game of Basketball, Volleyball, kick a ball around the yard, shoot hoops or just have a quick game of catch, these balls are the perfect choice.

There is also a 6" rubber red/white ball with a sound mechanism rolling inside just for playing catch, rolling or using for dodge ball. It is similar to the purple ball shown below (purple not available).

We also have tennis balls with a bell mechanism. These have a duller sound because the ball is thicker and smaller. They come in a pack of 3.

Actual balls will not have the Wilson logo on it. Items may vary slightly from that pictured.

Depending upon the zone this item is being shipped, it may incur an additional shipping charge due to the size of the balls once inflated. You may opt to have the item shipped deflated in order to minimize this additional charge. We will contact you if there is an additional charge.

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$29.99 Reg.
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