A great work-out for the mind and fine motor skills!

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The ENI Puzzle was designed for the visually impaired and sighted populations. It is very unique. Playing is very simple. Everyone who sees/feels the ENI Puzzle for the first time can easily start playing without any instruction. With the ideas of taking the simple shapes and movements to create a puzzle that has multiple combinations and multiple solutions by using one empty space. The puzzle can be set down and picked up at any time. There is no limit to your fun.

How it Works: Rotation and Sliding Movements

ENI Puzzle Advantages:

+ ENI helps to see/feel and understand patterns
+ ENI helps develop motor skills
+ ENI helps with basic eye and hand coordination
+ ENI helps develop fundamental math skills
+ ENI helps with shape recognition and space perception
+ ENI helps teach basic strategy of thinking moves ahead
+ ENI requires no batteries, no accessories, no gimmicks
+ ENI helps senior keep fresh by exercising their mind
+ ENI helps develop creativity

The ENI puzzle is designed to enhance problem solving and dexterity. A workout for the mind while using motor skills.

The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles into patterns by using rotating and sliding moves to manipulate the empty space.

The Braille numbers have been added by the manufacturer so visually impaired people can enjoy the puzzle, too. The Braille will not wear off.

Ages: 3+

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$49.99 Reg.
$9.99 SALE


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