Great Game for the Sighted & Blind!

This is a great fun game that sighted and blind people can play!

Not only is this game fun, the other great thing about this game is that it can keep you moving instead of just sitting to play. You are in control of how much activity you get with this fun & exciting game...sit, move a little, or move a lot!!!!

There are 4 game modes and you can play indoors or outdoors. Here's how it works:

There are 3 simple buttons...Menu Button, Go Button, and Power Button. Set out the targets (which have been Brailled) to build the course any way you want. If you don't want to move a lot, just set them out in front of you on the floor or table. If you want to move a lot, then place them throughout the room or throughout many rooms.

Next, the Hyper Voice calls out the command for you to find the color or number of the target. You then race to tag the targets with the handheld unit in the correct sequence. The handheld unit detects the target, scores your accuracy, and times each player & the fastest time wins.

The Hyper Voice calls out special trick commands and challenges your ability to think on the run. No two games are ever the same. You can play solo, head-to-head, or in teams.

We've decided to even the playing field with our blind son and play it with the sighted people being blind folded...because we think that's only fair.

We have Brailled the game for you. Instructions are not Brailled. Some of these do not have the printed picture boxes. Some of these games came directly from the manufacturer in plain brown boxes or in plastic wrap. A few may have a minor blemish that will not interfere with the game's functionality. Some of the instructions are written in text format so that screen readers can more easily read the instructions. Some boxes might have a few tears or show signs of wear, but the game is in very good working condition.

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