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This Braille labeler is a must have if you know of someone who is blind. It lets you make Braille labels for almost anything. Jars of jam, cans of soup, bottles of medicine, boxes of cereal, buttons on appliances ... the list is endless. Without a Braille label, blind people have to ask sighted friends to read print labels on items such as: CD and DVD cases, files, credit cards ... all these have print labels that can't be read by blind folks. But now you can make Braille labels of your own with our Braille labeler, giving blind people equal independence and freedom.

A sighted person who knows nothing about Braille can use this labeler...easily. It is great for quick notes, greeting cards, adding Braille to "TO" and "FROM" tags (even tags from Santa Claus), and for Braille labels around the house or classroom.

This Braille labeler measures less than ten inches long, four inches wide, and stands about two inches tall. To use it, simply hold the unit in one hand while spinning the dial with the other hand to select the correct letter. Squeeze the handle, and that letter is instantly embossed in Braille on the tape. And when finished, just cut, peel and stick on your new Braille label. It is that easy.

This Braille label maker can emboss Braille on 3/8" or 1/2" vinyl labeling tape. One roll of label tape is included free of charge. The upper rim of the dial is embossed in Braille so blind people can make up their own labels, while the lower rim is marked with regular print so sighted friends can help. The dial features the complete alphabet, the number sign, most commonly used Grade 2 Braille contractions, and many punctuation marks. And last but not least, the built-in tape-cutter not only cuts the label off perfectly straight, but you'll also get an easy-peel tab to grasp.

This Braille labeler is portable, convenient, and practical - a must have for at home, work or school. Making up Braille labels has never been easier!

Measures approximately 10" x 4" x 2-1/2"


Be sure to order extra tape so you don't run out. The tape is clear vinyl, adhesive-backed labeling tape, perfect for use in this Handheld Braille Labeler, or in any of our Braille-writing slates. Each roll of plastic labeling tape is half an inch wide, and twelve feet long. This clear tape is great for labeling objects like jars, cans, and CD or DVD cases when you don't want to cover up the print beneath the Braille label.

Each Roll Measures Approximately 144" x 1/2"

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$32.99 Reg.
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