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The Mr. Potato Head handheld electronic game is a game geared towards little ones who want to have a fun handheld game that is easy to use. The game is simple in use, the buttons are over the areas of the potato head that corresponds to the game. It helps children understand the different body parts.

This is a great game for blind children, too. Our blind son could play some of the games because most of the buttons have a different shape. He was able to listen and figure out what to do. On the games that you really needed to see the display, he would sit next to us and we would tell him what we were seeing and then he would push the appropriate buttons to respond to the toy. His favorite game is Game #4 "Potato Says". If you hear "Potato Says", you need to push the correct part. If he tries to trick you and you catch him, press the red circle button. He could play this game by himself for hours.

The game is easy to play. There are no words to read or elaborate instructions to follow. There is an "empty" potato on the screen, and you push the parts that he says he would like you to push to make his body and face.

There are 5 games to play:

Game 1 - "Silly You" ... Teaches you how to build Mr. Potato Head. Start with this game. Mr. Potato Head explains how to use the buttons, the basic rules for all the games, and introduces the five costumes. The game ends when you have built a Mr. Potato Head with one of each part.

Game 2 - "Silly Me" ...Pick a costume, then dress him as fast as you can. This builds on what you learned in Game 1. The faster you dress him up, the more stars he gives you.

Game 3 - "What's Missing?", "What's Different?", "Something is wrong with Mr. Potato Head's costume - can you fix it?" This game requires the ability to see the display.

Game 4 - "Potato Says"...Do what he says, but only if you hear "Potato Says".

Game 5 - "Dress Me Up" Activity...Dress Mr. Potato Head any way you like!

This game provides great fun to sighted and blind children. Our blind son loves playing with it.

Ages: 3 and up

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$22.99 Reg.
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