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These quality wood shape sorters are great educational fun and are ideal for fine motor skills as well as for conceptual spatial skills. Choose from 2 different shape-sorting sets which are designed to stimulate a child's mind.

Children can learn various concepts by counting and sorting similar geometric shapes, feeling these shapes, and stacking them according to height. These can be used in the home, at school or even for traveling.

These quality wood shape sorters/puzzles do not have any toxic paints or coatings.

Approximate Measurements: 6 inches x 6 inches x 2-1/4 inches

You can choose from 2 different shape styles.

Basic Set: Consists of nine basic geometric shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, etc.), all of which are to be inserted into the corresponding space on the board. Each block measures at least an inch across, meaning that it is large enough for your toddler to manipulate, and slide around the board until the correct hole is found. Pictured above on the right.

Dimensional: This style encourages counting skills and increased manual dexterity with four main shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle & square). There are four of each type of block, and each shape is the same size. The idea behind this more advanced educational toy is that, instead of having ready-made holes in the board, there are just pegs for each shape to stack onto. The circle blocks have just one hole in the very center, the rectangles have one hole at each end, and the triangles and squares have three and four holes respectively - again, one in each corner. To find out where to put a rectangle, you first count how many holes are in the block - two. Then look for the area on the board that has two tall pegs - then fit the rectangle onto both of those pegs - and when you've got it positioned properly, the pegs will poke through the holes in the rectangular block, and it will literally just fall into place. And once you have all sixteen blocks stacked back onto the board in four neat and tidy piles of four, the game is over! Show below.

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