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Say What is one of the most entertaining games of all time for children and adults! Even adults who don't play games, play this game!

You will be scrambling to unscramble the phrases! There are over 300 famous phrases to unscramble. These phrases are from movies, TV, music and more.

There is a new twist on word scrambles with this talking, hands-on electronic game! It begins by telling you a pop culture phrase out of order. You must see how quickly you can reorder the 5 word balls until the game calls out the correct phrase. Each ball represents a portion of a famous quote. Can you get them in the right order? Features famous phrases from movies, music, TV & more.

Say What is an electronic game where the object is to unjumble famous phrases or lyrics by switching lighted modules while being timed. Each round the time gets lower. After each try the game tells you the order your words are in and how many are still out of order.

Great for the whole family!

Ages 8 and up. Great for solo play or up to 5 players (or team up so more than 5 players can play).

Requires 4 'AA' batteries (not included), but can be purchased below.

Color will vary from picture above. Whereas the item in the picture above is mostly red, the actual main color is blue.

People who are blind can play this game, too!

This item does not qualify to ship as Free Matter for the Blind because it does not have Braille and was not manufactured specifically for the blind.

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