Can be played by blind people, too!

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Put your memory in motion and let the music challenge your mind in this new twist on the classic SIMON game! Remember and repeat the sequence of SIMON lights and sounds to win. Specific movements correlate to each color/sound. Can you keep to the beat? There are three ways to play, four skills levels, and seven music mixes!

Challenge your mind with this dynamic memory game featuring lights and music. Play alone or pass it along to a friend. It features three modes of play, lights, fun sounds and automatic scoring. The game that started the electronic game playing revolution moves to a different level with this Simon Stix game. Players are challenged to put their memory in motion as they move the game's sticks in drum-like motions in response to the light and sound cues.

Players will find that this new version of Simon includes up to seven different music mixes depending on the game play option selected. There are three different game options: 1. Simon Says: where the number of commands increases in number as game play progresses; 2. Beat Simon: where players are challenged to follow a string of 4 to 12 commands at time; and 3. Free Style: where players can select any of the seven different music styles or different drum sound effects.

This toy works well for a blind person too. Our blind son learned this game in less than an hour. He quickly was able to identify the unique sound that occurred with each color flash. We saw the color and showed him which stick to shake, and he quickly associated that unique sound with that specific movement.

When the light flashing gets faster, your moves speed up too! The better you are, the more moves you make. So get ready to rock with Simon Stix, from the makers of Simon.

It is the game that gets your memory moving!

Requires 6 "AAA" batteries (not included). Batteries may be purchased below.

Quantities are limited!

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This item does not qualify to ship as Free Matter for the Blind because it does not have Braille and was not manufactured specifically for the blind.

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$69.99 Reg.
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