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These hematite magnets (by Sonic Sound and Rattle Snake Eggs) are great fun...they make exciting vibrating, whirring, clashing and buzzing sounds when they connect. They sound like a rattle snake! When you separate them, they try to find their way back to each other. There are no rules to follow...just simple fun!

The magnetic field of these hematite magnets is so strong that when you place one magnet in your palm and the other on the back of your hand, they almost always stay in place. This also works when putting them on the front and backside of your ear lobes.

Not only are these magnets an exciting toy, they are also stress relievers and can be used therapeutically in magnetic therapy (pain & inflammation reduction, healing enhancement, increased blood conductivity & circulation and stiff joints).

Children and adults all have fun with these exciting magnets. Even our blind son loves tossing these in the air and hearing them reconnect mid-air. He giggles and giggles at the exciting sounds!

Package includes 2 Cylinder and 2 Round Hematite Magnets so you get 4 great magnets!

Approximate Measurements:
Cylinder: 1-3/4 inches x 5/8 inch
Round: 1" diameter

Not intended for children under 3 as these can be a choking hazard.

This item does not qualify to ship as Free Matter for the Blind because it does not have Braille and was not manufactured specifically for the blind.

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Sizzle Mag - 2 Pack

$8.99 Reg.
$1.99 SALE


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